YouTube – Mexican bishops ask for forgiveness

Mexican bishop molested nearly 200 including 2 of his own and got away unpunished because of cover ups.

YouTube – Mexican bishops ask for forgiveness

14, 2010 — As the Vatican tries to defuse growing anger over child abuse by priests in the Roman Catholic Church, bishops in Mexico have released a statement asking victims for forgiveness.

Church authorities in Mexico have now admitted that one of their priests, Marcial Maciel, had over a 40-year period, preyed on nearly 200 young seminarians and children, including two of his own.

The Vatican has continued to deny allegations of a cover-up, and that Pope Benedict XVI once turned a blind eye to abusive priests when he was still a cardinal.

Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez investigates one such abuse case in Mexico City. (Apr 15, 2010)


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